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Narayan Sanwal was a true child of the Bay Area; born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay. He loved growing up here, living here, and taking in everything the area had to offer.


Every room he entered, Narayan shined his bright light, contagious laugh, and generous nature for his friends, family and everyone around him. He was a perpetually moving, fun-loving, funny, vibrant free spirit, with an appetite for adventure. He was rich in friendships, and the joy he spread is our greatest gift. Narayan especially loved his Bay Area sports teams, and frequently participated in local sports, and other activities around the bay. 

His family is honored to remember Narayan and his philanthropic spirit by creating “The Narayan R. Sanwal Charitable Giving Fund” which makes monetary donations, in his name, to local organizations that enrich the lives of our most under served communities. Our mission is to focus on the things that were important to Narayan: Sports, Fitness, Educational Opportunities, and Hunger Abatement.


To that end, the first beneficiaries of our fund were:


The Boys and Girls Club of El Sobrante (Contra Costa); and

The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano.

For the 2019 Holiday Season, the Narayan Fund has once again donated to The Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano. 


In addition, our fundraising efforts have funded a $3000 Narayan R. Sanwal Scholarship at Contra Costa College for 2020.  This year's recipient is: NATHALIE ZALDIVAR! CONGRATULATIONS NATHALIE!!!

We are excited for the future and the countless humanitarian opportunities that lie ahead. 

With much love and thanks,

The Family of Narayan Raymond Sanwal

Our Covid19 Response

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Narayan Fund has donated $2000 to the Contra Costa/Solano Food Bank to ensure families and children receive the necessary food assistance during these trying times.


In addition to the Contra Costa College Scholarship named for Narayan, The Narayan Fund is pleased to announce that the Contra Costa College Foundation's STEM Program ("Metas") has, once again, received  a grant from the Narayan Fund for scholarships for its graduating class of 2020! This is for graduates of this STEM program.


Unfortunately, since a graduation ceremony will not be held this year, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a successful college career!

Earlier in 2019, we awarded the first annual "Metas" Narayan R. Sanwal Academic Scholarship to Zalma Gallardo who is attending U.C. Berkeley studying Applied Mathematics.


Congratulations Graduates!


Link to photos here.


Photos courtesy of Robin D. Lopez, "Shots from Richmond."

L to R: Sharmeela Sanwal, Zalma Gallardo, Surinder Sanwal

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Thank you San Francisco 49ers Organization for your generous donation to our silent auction! 
Go Niners!
We had a great turnout, and raised a lot of money for a good cause! 
Link to event photos here
Link to photo booth photos here
As always, thanks to Robin D. Lopez @richmondlyfe for the event photos.  And Aaron Betts, for the great photo booth pics!
A slideshow dedicated to my love by Briseida Orellana

Scenes from a joyful life

Narayan Sanwal was always ready with a helping hand for friends, family and people in his community. He had a big heart, and often wore it on his sleeve.


Everyone who knew Narayan knows he was full of compassion and empathy, with a truly generous, giving spirit. He was a caring, thoughtful and devoted son, brother, boyfriend and friend. His actions demonstrated his devotion.


He regularly reached out to friends and family, and kept people close. Frequently "face timing," always offering encouragement, support, or just his time.


Narayan innately knew what was important in life: Relationships. He had many gifts, but his emotional intelligence was his greatest, which belied his years.


If you needed help with a move, a ride to the airport, a place to stay, a trainer to get you in shape, a tour guide, a babysitter, a home cooked meal, or just someone to make you belly laugh, everyone knows Narayan would be there for them, with his constant companion, Marlo, a shih tzu rescue, in tow.


Everyone also knows how much he loved children. He relished giving them presents for no particular occasion. Narayan spent many days having fun with friends' and relatives' kids. The activities he enjoyed with the kids are too numerous for this space. Suffice it to say, he was a big kid himself, and his enthusiasm was infectious and contagious. 


Some things you may not know about Narayan:

He often fed the homeless in local encampments around the communities of El Sobrante, Berkeley and Oakland. 

He volunteered to pick up and distribute boxes of produce to needy families.

He inspired and mentored the young people in his life. He loved the idea of imparting wisdom, and in his own style, empowering them.

He never refused a friend who needed financial assistance - to start a business, or just to pay bills.

Narayan loved to travel and said "it is one of the things you could buy that is guaranteed to make you richer." He wanted his friends to share in these experiences, and paid for trips. He often inspired the same generosity and adventure in others.

He was socially conscious and aware of injustice in his community. Therefore, he was genuinely excited when he had the opportunity to share his good fortune. In retrospect, he was spreading love. And he did so without any fanfare or expectations.

His family is proud to honor his humanity and compassionate nature, and continue his legacy through The Narayan R. Sanwal Charitable Giving Fund, a donor-advised fund.

In his name, we support local community organizations that are improving the lives of under served children, families, and the homeless. Our mission is to focus on the things that were important to Narayan: Sports, Fitness, Education and Hunger-Abatement programs.

Everyone loved Narayan because of how he made them feel-seen, heard, and happy-always laughing and telling jokes and stories..


Narayan's vibrant spirit will never be extinguished in our hearts, our souls and our memories.

As Narayan would say: "That's what's up!"


News and Information

Raffle winner A.J. and guest. Looks like you are enjoying the view from the deck!






March 23, 2019

Hercules Swim and Community Center

Hercules, CA

Thank you to all who loved Narayan, and who attended this beautiful celebration of the life and times of Ny. To those who were not able to attend, we felt your hearts were with us. Thank you to Renato Foz, emcee extraordinaire. Many thanks also to our speakers who shared their experiences of life with Narayan (Niny). Harris Amari, Joel Rubin, Eric Porter, Raquel Macchia, Alex Hernandez, Roy Polk, Francis Sandico, Jeremy Bardwell. 


Friends of Narayan

"Hoop and Kick It" Celebration

December 30, 2018 

Link to photos courtesy of Robin D. Lopez

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